Saturday, January 14, 2012

start again

been on hiatus for a long time. several diverging and converging roads, got lost on the on ramp. but i cannot refrain from jotting down a random thought or two about the circus human existence is coming to, or going beyond. i watched an ad for surface pro - on the web natch because i threw TV out a few years ago but that is another story. the ad showed people at a conference table jerking and moving in styalized stacatto movements, all together, to some kind of dub-trance-dubstep-beef tongue muzak with images (snapshots) flitting thru the air. as a veteran of the first pc and first mac offerings, i couldn't help but be a bit sad. the mac, desktop and pro, was for creating things, expressing something in order to know what it was that was manifesting thru that manifestation. today the gadget plague, facebook, etc (WWW v.2) is for presentation and multiple choice thought (?). dig the panic facebook caused when folks had to disguise and eliminate their "persona" to withstand inspection by employers, government agencies, institutional authorities of every sort. so i'll relapse into daily short posts, probably about a word or phrase that winged it's way into my face the day before. i'll redo the chrome and eye candy to reflect this new approach when i remember how