Friday, August 31, 2007


petrified kat. found during quasi-stroll.

looks like i'm stranded during labor day break. so i will back up and redo this site once and for all. or retreat into catatonia.

so this might be my last daily post i hope. if it were, what would i say?

the kulture is past the tipping point. all institutions world wide, the western model having spread everywhere, are corrupt and in place to serve greed, power, and blind control. we are all in great danger because of this. the ax could fall any day.

a good idea, human creation of workable forms of organizing effort, has degenerated into the criminal overworld, sleek, glossy and untouchable. this is a new development not encountered by the human denizen before.

it is also natural in that things, all things, change and develop into the novel and new. the unanticipated, the unexpected.

the reaction to this varies. denial, hypocrasy, head in the sand, rightous and helpless indignation, nihilism, hedonism, depression, running amuck.

toxic life, complete with bar-b-ques and powerball gizmos.

some retreat; some plunge over the tipping point. the rule of law morphs into elaborate rituals of nonsense. some attempt to use the instruments of the past to wake up. fear, felt or unfelt, rules.

digression: i wonder how much force and blackmail, the threat of death, is up and running in the small circles of power that assume they rule events. ie, are there any left in power in govt., corporate rulers who are in reality slaves to fear, who would like to break out but afraid of the consequences to thier lkife and livlihood? the takeover by the oligarchs must bother some who hang on by a thread to personal integraty but fear for thier existence and the existence of their families should they "rock the boat."

i am serious as a heart attack. rock the boat and you are kicked off. don't and the boat sinks.

remain in your cave quietly while giants roam the countryside pillaging. go out of the door and drive by power extinguishes another human.

the other day i ran across the statement that all tyrants seem to have the knack for manipulating symbols. i think "signs" is the more accurate word, but maybe not.

anyway to hell with it, let's get on with it. this too will morph.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

good day yesterday got a lot of sadly neglected living maintainence chores halfway done. working on putting up pix that have appeared on these pages but are in no archive. too many twists and turns to the process to go into here. i think i have most of it working except for a "return to modern peasant" back button. i have chosen, natch, not the simplest way to do this. plan to add flas and mp3s. for now, see if it works.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


happy birthday sister jane.

i'm revamping this site so you may see or not see anything here for the next week or so.

first order of business: the daily images i create to post to this thing have not been viewable in any archive since april. now they are, go here to see or re-see them. this is just one of many steps.

one thing about modern times is that those of us who fool around with making things that run on computers or the web are faced with no endpoint: we have to just keep rolling. they say no piece of art is ever finished, and neither is any piece of code, process, image etc meant to be seen on a computer monitor. after awhile it either becomes second nature to keep on keeping on or in frustration say to hell with the whole thing. neither position is satisfactory, but a whole lot about the nature of personal life, experience and time can be gleaned from this situation.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

since i can't seem to upload pictures anymore, don't have the energy to figure out why, and have very little to say, it seems like a good time to pull the plug on this blog. it will be turned into a display for images, music and animation, but give me a little time. i'm going to take a nap first.

Friday, August 24, 2007

photo taken yesterday in the shady cool gloom of douglas waterfall. it may have been the hottest day of the year (again) but the air was clear, streams of cool flowing all about. what a relief.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

got tired of that so i did this. i am going to stick w/ flash for awhile. had a great day in the woods, waterfall, maybe 30 minute drive, ditto walk. cool and shady. lots of pictures i haven't looked at yet.

comment of the day:
need feet on the street

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


piece of a watercolor that has been hanging on my wall for a long time. something called for me to "finish" it, you're looking at a close up of the result.

Monday, August 20, 2007

up early, a little of thisnthat. posting the above because you should hear it. recorded i think at carnagie hall when bob was around,,, 23 years old?

the good, the true, the beautiful (plato).

Sunday, August 19, 2007


yow. i drew a small pencil drawing yesterday and it turned into german expessionist springtime while i wasn't looking.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


foto taken last sunday.

since i am moving so slow, i'll find something to post here.

Friday, August 17, 2007


foto of great feast that took place at nicole's.

i'm back at the bunker. i only lost 2 things during trip, thermorest mattress and stainless steel thermos, both important and essential accoutrements of the homeless lifestyle. they are both at nicole's so i'll recover.

spent several days with children and grand children, glad to say all becoming their various selves nicely. but i tell you what, it is a crowd of individuals, a big crowd, real individuals, and i was definitely outnumbered, couldn't get a word in edgewise. which is ok because at this point i have little to say. except i lovem all.

Monday, August 13, 2007


i'm out here, back in a week.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


photo taken somewhere in the last week.

what do you do if you live in a nation-state that has experienced a military coup? become a freedom fighter.

what do you do if you live in a nation-state that has experienced an invisible coup?
become an invisible freedom fighter.

Friday, August 10, 2007


memory of trip back from cousin moriah's. but i think she spells it "myria".

ponders to point at:

will there be an "election" in 2008?

will any of the present contenders be on either ticket?

or will a man on a white horse come galloping in from the brandname world?

have we invaded iran yet? (the most pro western population in the near east)

if you followed the money involved in the iraqi war, what would you find?

if someone said that "our" federal and state governments had been hijacked by criminals, would that be hyperbole or understatement?

what would you do if such a hypothetical were the case RIGHT NOW?

my blogger set up is falling apart. no spell checker.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


woke up in the cool of early morning and feel great. no fighting through the confusion of crazed metabolism. finished oil above yesterday and immediately began reworking watercolor that has been hanging on wall for a long time. it is on watercolor canvas and i don't think i sealed it with sparay fixitive so re-work should work.

i'm the only person left living in carolyn's 2 apt quadplexes. very quiet. just me and rabbit friend who i see each evening. even when i drive truck in back of brick structures he stays put. i think he may consider himsel invisible by not moving, but on the other hand when i talk to him he loosens up and nibbles like rabbits do.

i've been chipping away at excess foam i used to seal water leaks on camper. a long slow tasks whic suits me fine in the evening hours when the heat slips away.

the coming week will be busy. my oldest children, eric and nicole (twins) will be passing thru friday on their way to cullowhee for high school reunion. the plan is for them to stop over sunday on their way back to chapel hill. i'll drive down early monday. it will be good, no even better than good, to visit all four of children at the same time for a few days. at my age and situation i can't help but note the subliminal song in the back of my head. "this may be the last time, i don't know..."
i take note but do not take it - or anything else - literally.

living in this minicomplex by myself is pleasant. i am reminded of the part in "bladerunner" where the action takes place at the toymaker's, a vast dark empty reminent of the past that he occupies. absolutely no resemblence except fo the emptiness. when i get the inrention i'll troll the net to find out who owns the place and what is going on, but i really am not all that interested. i'm as ready as i'll ever be for the next phase which will be, of course, a total surprise unlike any mental picture i could summon up of "the future".

Monday, August 6, 2007


pleasant visit w/ tom d. this afternoon.

things slipping in & out of my head like "personal experience", "identity", the real as what lasts, its locus between two dreams - subject and object.

me, i'm tired.

heading out tomorrow for cosin myria's.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

nice long walk in the woods yesterday w/ richard. i think it was the hottest day of the year so far, but a short drive up the mountain and walking a trail off the parkway it wasn't hot at all. i think richard is onto something. he uses this sort of getaway for a short visit, maybe read a book, sit. more like the walks i used to take at big ridge, hit the door, go outside, and stroll.

picture above i took while "up there". this is the first picture i loaded, worked on, and uploaded from imac. i'll have to work on process to make smaller jpg's which i pretty much have down on os 9.

finished foaming the seal on camper shell last night. it better work. now for cleanup which is going to be tricky, working on very narrow space between truck cab and camper.

Friday, August 3, 2007


took this in the madness of bele chere crowd.

remember - i do - when the citizens of the USA were depicted as john q. milquetoast? a little meek guy with the world for a head, a mustach and a cap. usually with a question mark over his head and a slightly confused expression.

this has something, though not everything, to do with the notion of "personal identity".

then came, let's see, "consumer". then came "audience". then came "perfomer".

each change hammering away at the idea of who i am. part of the personality reacts to these changes even if the thinking mind is unaware of them. right now "personhood" is being deconstructed, and all of us identify, easy or not, with some smaller group then the nation-state. and yet the world of the nation-state rolls on, with caracatures out of sitcoms driving.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


foto from last weekend. one of so many i've taken walking up sunset mountain.

big changes here. about to finish (?) upgrading camper so it doesn't leak. took a load of trash to landfill. gave away all 100Mb zip disks plus SCSI drive to young man from w. asheville who wants to use disks in keyboard sampler, a good use for them.

now have password on imac, have not yet succeeded in sharing files. working on gigantic flash/quicktime light show. have no idea what i'm doing. still searching for slide show app so i can regroup images, add all since april which presently you cannot find.

then, with all processes intact, i will produce cartoon visionary sound and light coda on dvd, my statement. i first thought of calling it on the road, but instead it will be named off the road. a dyslexic look at the cultural conundrum of living with dreams in a dream.

then i'm going to pull blog on blog. turn the sight into "stuff".