Sunday, January 30, 2011

granddaughter natalie found at youtube as usual forget when i did it.

in prescott visiting dad who just celebrated 92nd birthday by bouncing back nicely from very bad fall over xmas. getting here was a slog, left asheville morning temp was 4 degrees i think. pleasant visit with old friends in triangle, pleasant fight to phoenix altho i seem to have lost lower dentures on plane. more than anything i appreciate the early morning and evening air in mile high phoenix which is like... well, a breath of fresh air.

got driver's license renewed for 8 more years before i left which was a little dicey but the force was with me. now if there was just somewhere left to drive to drive to.

Friday, January 14, 2011

ok i give up ignore former terminal post. when and a big if i can put this thing away in for example the way back machine or whatever, i'll stop. but it occurs to me that posting something, even if it's drivel, has become a deep habit so i'll deal w/ it later. took the picture above out kitchen window a day or two ago.

Monday, January 3, 2011

this blog is terminated, seems like a good time to do it, new year & all.

a brief history: started it long ago, learned to write each morning off the top of my head, heavy into politics and culture during the bush years, wars for profit etc., gradually lost interest in this domain after working for obama's election, began to concentrate more and more on creating pictures, music, animation while simultaneously losing the ability to type much on account of arthritic right thumb, to the point where i was only putting up a jpg a day and a link or two.

the archives will remain online. i'll start another blog soon, this one minimal with the occasional posting, advise RSS feed so you will know. meanwhile will continue, new and improved.

pretty slick (and easy) random moderpeasant photo sampler

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