Sunday, March 29, 2009

an old foto, appropriate for the deason.

i'm still completely jammed up, just programmed replacement for damaged insulin pump, still tweaking it and now have to go to lowe's and pick up some materials for charly and drive them to the mountain top to work on camper shell.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

from a watercolor i painted in az last month.

rainy overcast day. i ran some wet errands, moriah phoned and we canceled upgrading campershell until a sunny day. i am trying to focus on organizing. something i heard on the radio about ADD being possibly a genetic disposition well suited to hunter-gatherer cultures but not whatever one calls "today's" "culture". for the hell of it assume it is true and you are left with the question of when the culture changed enough to manifest ADD. end of hunter-gatherer culture? 10,000 years ago? or twenty years ago when the choice to putter was slowly extinguished?

focus hokus.

Friday, March 27, 2009

foto taken from walk on dirt road. about 15 minutes from my father's house. the mountains are the san francisco peaks outside flagstaff, about 70 miles away. more later today.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

did this one yesterday. i have been fooling with printer and am getting reakky nice prints. i have so many that i am going to update image gallery soon.

overcast day, maybe rain?

been listening to Tell Tale Signs by dylan incessantly. the great american songbook will never be the same.

from rolling stone review

"Tell Tale Signs is less an anthology than an album in its own right. It seems designed to tell a story that sharpens and expands the vista of mortal and cultural disintegration that has been the chief theme of Dylan's 1997's Time Out of Mind, 2001's Love and Theft and 2006's Modern Times — perhaps the most daring music he's ever made. Tell Tale Signs makes plain that Dylan knows the caprices of the world he lives in, now more than ever."

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

have been puttering with small quicktime movie for web. as usual there were a few production glitches having to do w/ codec, think i just solved it, if so watch for it above. (no audio).

got lower dentures relined, i think they will work much better. now i am looking - but not very hard - for some kind of process or exercises that will help me to enunciate clearly, ie carry on a conversation.

still reassembling living space. plumbing problem is next: i tried to fix and no go. so will contact landlord for plumber.

talked to charly about camper shell upgrade. aiming for wooden shelves and bed platform, storage under neath. he had simple idea for leak which will probably work.

ac seems weak since i got heater motor replaced, need to look into that.

i don't know much about voodoo economics or accounting, but "toxic asset" makes no sense to me. could it more accurately be described as "debit"? is there such a thing as "healthy debit"?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

mud season

how to describe our world now:
church, town hall, Congress, any government, educational including "higher", chain stores, highways, commerce
a big etc.
have all become obsolete because they no longer work. one time they did.

so the question is why? will they "hit bottom" and work again? no.

because they are all hierarchical in nature, top down, and the worker bees can no longer pretend they are part of a greater whole. the power complex, always part of the institution since the beginning of civilization has become clearly visible. the power mongers ruthless thugs, with no regard for life.

institutional evolution, or cultural evolution where the most powerful survive by dealing in smoke and mirrors.

"everybody knows
that baby's got new clothes
but lately
i see
her ribbons and her bows
have fallen from her curls"
bobby d. from a song about addiction among other things

Friday, March 20, 2009

a quickie. i've always enjoyed clouds. an old girlfriend thought this was an indicator of something not quite right.

terrible night last night. the night before i had tripped and fallen, and my insulin pump was damaged. i thought it was fixed when i went to bed last night. so alarm was going off many times during the night. the last time i think i really did fix it and BG was right when i woke up.

plan for the day: catch up on the undone from a list i made monday. the list hasn't changed much.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

puzzle for the day.

don't have much to say about it,

if the forest is full of empty eyes
are trees real?
whatta they care?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

this is sophia catherine, born night before last to my neice anne and her husband andreas. mother child and husband all doing well. welcome sophia and have fun with your new life.


i apologize for the grusome image but thar'd a freshmade icon today. maybe i can sell it to a TV cop show

one of those nights. it's 2 in the morning and i'm still going strong. way pest my bedtime.

i've been putting together ardour and jack tuoted as a doftware DAW (digitial workstaion) for mac OS X., now trying to install virtual instruments for midi.

allow my magnetic attraction to the unknown - see what happens while i/m having fun..

reading the flood of '29. whem i find it i'll post the name and author of the book..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

taken on a walk up willow creek near my dad's house in prescott az.

it's noon i got to go do things of vast consequence and little importance.

[====>] later. done.

welcome to the world of lost objects and deluded subjects:

sophia katherine, beautiful baby girl born last night to my niece anne. pictures soon.

Monday, March 16, 2009

picture of moon and venus taken in prescott az last month. or maybe this month i can't remember.

BBC NEWS | Health | The brain gets 'mellow' with age

BBC NEWS | Health | 'Brain decline' begins at age 27

Saturday, March 14, 2009

another failed watercolor
i did in az, sprinkled magic dust on it here. think it works?

about lyme's disease:
Re: New articles on the website of the CDC

Friday, March 13, 2009

watercolor i did at my dad's place. i did 5 or 7 there, brought them back to make right, and this is the first one i made right.

i'm still dazed and confused by trip, but if i don't bounce back i'll crawl back.

i saw a lot of cable tv which i refuse to have here at home, and overall was amazed at the burbles and bubbles of meaningless activity displayed. junk discourse. there is a lot of talk today of the way the brain keeps changing in response to it's time in the world, new circuits etc and i suggest that being surrounded by colorful winking blipping pixels that purport to signify is way worse then us tranced folks - everyone - can imagine. in large poart it is responsible for the empty stylistics of modern man.

don't worry about the catastrophe; it's already happened.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

back safe, sound - that might be stretching it - & ready already.

fome. sleep.

granddaughter natalie taken yesterday evening, who informed me she is princess rose. i'm driving to asheville in a few minutes.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i'm at nicole's, corbin is at school, she is at work,and i'm organizing for trip back to aville. probably leave tomorrow. i slept from 3 in the afternoon untill8 this morning. believe i'll visit lily and natalie tonight, jim in the morning and head out. above is picture of chemtrails over prescott.

grandson corbin looks great, good to see him.

need to get to meher center before late april when there will celebration of great darshan. that will be my next trip out. hope to visit damien and ludie on the way because i don't think i'll make it this go round.

started spook country by gibson on airplane, realized i've already read it, but since i have no idea of what happens in book i'll finish it. again.

two massacres in the news since last night. see muckers to learn a little about this phenomena, and read the damn book it comes from to learn a lot about our lot.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

got to nicol's around 3 this afternoon after eli and i drove around the long way back to airport securiy because i jad left a bag
on the curbside which we recovered. slept from 3 pm to around 8pm. will repack, unpack, ratiolize truck, and hope to drive to damien and ludie's in warrington, back in town to visit the eli parsons. hope to visit jim and his new computer tomorrow. head back to aville friday or saturday.

when i get back i have a waccy notion to turn off the electricity for a week, light kerosene lamps, and brood, sleep in the dark for a week.

head for a weekend in hot springs.

spent a week in myrtle beach meher retreat.

the only thing that leaves that i know of is spend the rest of my life.

while away i studied cable tv. what a hoax. noise and lights distracting from life. a zillion babbles. electronic tower of babel. no communication, only news. while in prescott i listened to the late night news in navajo on the am dial and got a hell of a lot more out of it.

to sum up, quote from einstein by walter isaacson:

"he generally thought in pictures...'i rarely think in words at al'", he later told a psychologist. "a thought comes, and i may try to express it in word later."

Sunday, March 8, 2009

a bit of cryptic fluff for y'all. and im still operating in the pc world, one of the least pleasant working conditions i've ever suffered. my god it is so abysmal, klutzy, bass ackwards, buggy, a pile of gee gaws precariously stacked, i truly never want to touch one agaain. took me all day to do the bit above.

i am well aware that we are living in another age of the warlord, the meaga-vandals, thieves, crooks, and murderers, most dressed impeccably, but parallel to these connisuers of destruction is the pile of crap called windows, probably as responsible for the disappearence of the institutions that make or made up civilization as the gangs - i'm not talking about 16 year old latinos.

rant finished.

i'm leaving tomorrow afternoon for raleigh and environs. ninian is gracious enough to pick me up around 9 tomorrow night. spend the night at his house, he works tuesday, not sure after that but i hope eli can pick me up. i could sleep for a week. probably will. but not yet.

Friday, March 6, 2009

in phx. looks like i'll be in flight to nc either sunday night or following sat nite depending on what dreams and portents say if i have any tonight. the morning will tell. exhausted. unsteady. shaky. ie routine.

what i will or will not do when i get back:

get a passport.

pay rent for last two months

install wooden shelving in camper plus a rain protecter between cab and camper

whip out 5 postcards, 100 each, place in stores around asheville.

produce 2 or 3 giclees, 8x 10 w/backing board, wrapped in clear baggie.

sell quadra and imac, throw away tv, maybe read hegel's xxx. make dvd slideshow from family photos (a big job)

camp out for a month

buy more ammunition for krag rifle

become a member of anarchist artists group to maintain ability to communicate with others should the desire hit me

drive to colorado july stop over in mountain view ark.

practice life and death

buy a yurt

live in it

not worry

not worry about the demise of the age of megatechnics and the evaporation of every institution. move foward as they say. fun bliss embodied transfiguration is the force that drives the fuse.

carry water chop wood.

carry wood chop water.

history is a nightmare that i am trying to remember - you know how dreams are

the future belongs to the crowd. i belong to now.

the night catches crows, the day blows away in curliques of sudden demolition.

too many souls maybe but definitly too many objects. on the other hand you can win one of them if you are doomed.

“Only one man ever understood me, and he didn't understand me.”
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel quote

good night.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

going to see doc w/ jane and dad tomorrow. ride to phx with her friday and one way or another crawl home. saw tavis smiley and bob woodward kast night on of all things larry king live. only meaningful thing i have heard during 2 months of "news". they may have even mentioned the megaheist of the last 8 (or more) years.

if i rob a bank tomorrow and am caught and charged i don't get to keep the money.

why not use the law to GET THE MONEY BACK.

you've been robbed. and it was an inside job.

Monday, March 2, 2009

bird in snow. friend of dad's took us to chinese place last night. today emptied pond to repair leak. still planning to head for phx thursday but difficult to plan ahead, more like improvising any plan as i go.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

sunday. things shaping up. i'll ride w/ sister jane to phx thusday, hope to see some museums there, and hope to fly to Albuquerque sunday am & visit sr slown in santa fe and see more museums. back at end of week and on to nc.

dad is fine, still hurting a bit, and looks like the deal is to do the low salt no alcohol exercise regimen, wear support socks and increase endurance. he has really been patient and tolerant of my manifold eccentricities and probably gotten a little used to me being around. i'm easy.

today and tomorrow we are going to sipon water out of small pond, repair crack wednesday. jane will be up tuesday or wednesday, we'll be at heart doc's followup thursday morning.

after i get back to aville will have some biz to take care of for a month or so and after that one way or the other will, as they say, move on to the next now whatever it may be.