Thursday, May 31, 2007


feeling pretty good this morning. i spent about an hour working this photo, which i took awhile back from my daughter nicole's back porch.

today is catch up day.

what do i catch up with?

am i chasing the wind?

or is it chasing me?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


flowers. towers of hours.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


got through memorial day the usual way, staying put. highlight was a graceful gathering at tom and erin's surrounded by flowers, some of whom sang to the birds.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


ho-hum. looks like i'm drifting into wall paper design. going to fletcher to buy some frames, then going w/ r&d to tom's for picnic.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


furry creature in my backyard yesterday.

i happened to watch charlie rose last nite on TV and am glad i did. it was a whole hour w/ al gore selling his new book the assault on reason.

gore comported himself nicely. he actually did the thing that i have been hungering for, talked like a human. no shoving sound bytes back and forth. he was in the "personal" mode that the media filters out, that is talked like a real person. i loved his demenor and appearance, all in black, heavy, cowboy boots. while rose continually brought up the subject of running in '08, gore consistantly reframed the buzz question into a much larger context: not anti-bush, not anti republican, but a question of how TV and the media and we the people are disconnected from reality. had to be to let the criminal overworld take over as they have.

the difference between the managed gore and the man gore was mind blowing. personally i do not see why he would want to run in 08. he can do more good just by using his celebrity to appear on media and promote a whole new way of communicating on tv.

among subjects he touched on was the fear that the movers and shakers are feeling. republicans are scared, democrats are scared. of what? being steamrolled by the criminal mob that has moved in to steal everything in sight. hoover's famous black book probably pales in comparison w/ the dossiers the junta has on our govt. employees. blackmail?

the entire hour is viewable. google "gore rose" and look for video.

Friday, May 25, 2007


today's sight - above - is almost gouch. ugly. but, as they say
"there it is."

Thursday, May 24, 2007


hmmm... something not quite right about this picture. no time to fix.

BAU - bizzness as usual

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


a piece of my head this morning. i am beginning to rethink posistion on politics. since the last prezidential election i have pretty much dropped out of any political shennanaigans because i think the action is beyond that domain, located more in the collective stylistics of the brand name culture growing like topsy around us, and more importantly into us. we are in a similar position as say the indiginous americans were when europeans arrived. that is, without being aware of it our native language is being replaced by a foreign tongue, that of the market, profit, logos, power point, meetings where nothing can be said. so that is the arena where i have chosen my battle.

responsibility= the ability to respond.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


today's missive from the other world.

as always these days

more later

Monday, May 21, 2007


unfortunately i have found that a picture a day does not keep the doctor away. but it does keep some part of my mind/body/spirit busy. which may not be a good thing always. doing nothing may be the prime directive in which case i missed the boat again.

saw a video thingy at the genz's sat. nite, along with a fine dinner. bautiful work, i'll relay the sculpter's name when i remember it.

if this site goes wacky for awhile it is because i am redoing format which is usually a little iffy with blogger templates. but it is definitely time for redo so i'll start today.

busy week ahead, doctors, shopping for camper top and tent, along w/ straightening out auto insurence, screens on windows, printing a whole bunch of color pictures that you may have seen here but that have never been printed. adding to portfolio of foolishness, but what can a poor boy do?

Sunday, May 20, 2007


this morning's ideogram. layed low all day, did get a grocery run in. for reasons unknown i tackled vegas 7, getting serious about learning and using it to communicate whatever it is that wants out of my head. i'm still catching up from the loss of time a few days in the hospital can cause, but spent the afternoon dozing in bed anyway.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


foto below is my son eli's translucent electrical pointer atatop roof. above is foto of friend jeff taken in spooky craggy gardens on parkway about a week ago.

jeff was dropped off in aville by daughter olivia and friend who were driving to CD area for new jobs, new life.

spent a few days in aville visiting friends and places and took off friday morning for reunion of a few old friends in chapel hill area where we had mispent youth. at predesignated meeting area we met w/ doug, ralph, mike, miriam, sue, john, bev and billy arthur. there was much confusionabout others who may have been wondering around lost. visited my son eli and melissa, and their beautiful children lily and natalie. then on to daughter nicole's house to visit and spend the night with her and grandson corbin.

sat. we met up w/ same folks in wilson park. others not in sight. big rain storm ended this. my idea was to kidnap jeff and show up unannounced at lynn's who was ensconced in her new ranch. bu alas this did not occur.

so j and i went to weaver st. about 3 and were lucky enough to run into larry and elva. while we were talking i did blood sugar test and was astounded to read "498". did correction bolus and carried on. but an hour later BG still read 498. so injected correction bolus.

drove back to nicole's and from here things get a little murky. even tho i was testing, trouble shooting etc when i awoke the next morning i must have been well into DKA. i was projectile vomiting and goofy. the house was filling up w/ nicole's friends and i finally hit the floor passed out. they called 911, a very good idea, and i was ambulanced to ICU at what i used to call bowman gray hospital. the ICU folks slowly lowered my BG by a lot of saline solution added to the mix. the fact i was on a pump seemed to throw them, and there were times when 6 or 7 doctors - resdent interns? -would be discussing my case a few feet away, i could hear misinformation being passed around like in that game one plays where a "secret" is passed around a circle of people to see what it has become after the passing around, morphed by multiple subjective worlds.

i was still not fully present but did manage i think by acting the fool to point out to docs that i was the guy who could put them into the picture. they just could not bring themselves to talk to a live patient. anyway by taking me off the pump and switching to lanus insulin they brought me down and after a day in ICU i was switched into the general population. my daughter in law melissa works in a research facility in a nearby building and visited, as well as jeff and nicole, bu i had no telephone, email or wireless to connect with friends i had looked foward to seeing.

the hospital, BTW, had changed into a blade-runner like complex full of organizational zig zags where one never feels certain of what is happening to them.

so i spent a day or so in a room with a nice man who had just been diagnosed with liver cancer. the next morning i was clear enough to realize, as preposterous as it sounds, that the only way i could straighten out pump, insolin etc was to get out of there. when the doctor's made thier rounds the next morning i surprised them by jumping out of bed fully dressed including shoes and telling them i was out of there. i compromised and let them do the paper work for release and nicole drove me back to her house. she had taken jeff to raleigh hotel the night before and he flew back to NM.

i spent the next day wondering what had happened with the rest of the "reunion", couldn't remember a few passwords which kept me from email and updating thuis blog. quickly established that pump was working fine, changed out all parts as well as insulin and everything was hunky dory. spent time with son eli who was visited by his friend macon who is the son of one of the missing old farts who lived and rambled in the area a generation before. he had just used acid the first time to turn out an MP3, so when i got back to nicole's ended up staying up until 1:30 working with the same software to begin a little muzak piece.

next day i regrouped, had a pleasant, very pleasant time with eli and his daughter natalie, then drove to doug and marsha's for a relaxed dinner and conversation, drove back to nicole's where everyone was asleep and worked on muzak piece.

next morning was friday and i packed and hit the road after stopping for awhile at eli and melissa's. beautiful day to drive, listened to jerry lee and decided to learn keyboards for "when your blonde hair turns to gray". got back around 7, noticed 3 or 4 trees had been planted in front which was the best thing that has happened to the "bunker" - my domicile - since i have lived here.

so that's the story people. next step is to straighten out all the mess that a day or two missed will cause a denizen our times. get a camper top and a tent. i plan to spend a lot of this summer casmping out in the woods highr up the mountain. you know, higher ground.

Friday, May 18, 2007


back in avillebeautiful weather in chapel hill. unfortunately i ended up in gigantic medical complex for 2 or 3 days with diabetic DKA. so i have no idea of what happened to the whirlwind reunion of old cognitively impaired folks, or of the mysterious abcense of miss nancy and tucker.

Monday, May 7, 2007

since i have so many deadlines and dead lines, my relunctance to tangle with the real world so-called clicked into play and i made this thing over the last few days in between phone calls, moppoing floors, grocery shopping and so forth. note: in my right mind (or yours) i would have included volume dial and music off button.

i'm getting interested in flash again.

[ok i finally removed it, see above]

Sunday, May 6, 2007


did this a few minutes ago from the 649th photo i have taken with sony dsc-v3. for the usual reason, it has to serve as a syntactical representation of what i am saying, or maybe it's the compliment.

and what was i saying?

matthew fox:

"Meister Eckhart says, "A person works in a stable. That person has a breakthrough. What does she do? She returns to the stable." Returning to our work world with a new worldview is renewing. We are called to infiltrate our work worlds today.
from the reinvention of work

Saturday, May 5, 2007


it's five in the evening and i just got around to creating today's crytogram. so what good does it do me? any portents or rainbows have already breezed away.

well the good was the doing, not the done. and doing in the way i like to think about it, is accepting the is of things. any signs are a creation of the imagination and that makes them "real", just as the imagination makes the manifest world "real".


Friday, May 4, 2007


this morning's cryptogram. light in the window. an appropriate sign.

saw a few folks last nite at DLL.

pleasant evening, swaths of rain came and went.
gangs of moisture heaven-sent.

i learned that baloons, nothing but skins full of air, are full of surprises.
and twilight implies a few sunrises.

varnish on acrylic can take a long time to dry.
"i fell in a trap", the consensual cry.

grayhound busses need thier sleep
a birthday or two is something to keep.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


foto taken from back seat of spiffy motorcycle on the parkway. richard was in driver's seat. we went up to craggy gardens and then back a back way. had serpintine belt replaced on truck. when we got back the new owners of apt. were gathered on what i still think of as caroline's front porch. still unsure of what future holds for this deal, but if they raise my rent i'm in for a big change.

today's agenda includes buying a camper cover. it is quite possible i'll be on the road a week from today.

wordjive: the dems as usual seem to be stumbling around the world of instant memes. the clarifying sound byte could be "we put dates for troop withdrawel in bill knowing it would be vetoed in order to force bush to talk with us, since there has been no dialogue with the man or his henchmen".

well maybe not use the word "henchmen".

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

i made the cut for "day in the life of asheville photo project. i understand these are on exhibit at library downtown. go here to see the whole shebang: Photo Gallery: A Day in the Life of Asheville

or here to see my modest contribution: Photo Gallery: A Day in the Life of Asheville

poster for upcoming 40th anneversary of Chapel Hill Darshan and Re-reunion of harry's crowd.

for details:
Harry's, Chapel Hill, 60's
yahoo group: harry's40th

poster is by mark riney who told me he had fun "learning photoshop" to produce it.(!) click for full size image.