Friday, February 29, 2008

ok i'm fishing my archives back. a long slow round the marlberry-bush sort of process. what you are looking at now is the beginning of this process.

gotem. now all i have to do is rebuild page using layout features. maybe i was the last person in the world using the old classic blogger with a hand rolled template.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oakland trade school teaches people how to grow pot | LIVING | Asheville
"OAKLAND, Calif. – You know you're in a different kind of college when a teaching assistant sets five marijuana plants down in the middle of a lab and no one blinks a bloodshot eye."

news snooze.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


ah yes... an oldy but a goody. redid it for image archive and print from 72 dpi.

meanwhile on a moody day struggling with how to make a dvd movie.

meanwhile on political front i think my intuition was right when it told me action is required: post-political and post-partisan action.

Monday, February 25, 2008


watercolor i've been moping around with since i came back.

saw u23d again last night, this time sans imax. glasses were not red and black as at imax, and you got to keep them. to my eye it was less bright, lower contrast, and lower rez. then there was the reformatting from square to rectangular. more intimate if such a word can be used here, less deep and wide and all inclusive.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

sunday. pundit cavalcades. morphing meta platitudes in the air. meme's positioned to create meaningless discourse replacing personal experience. the hum of canned thought.

to some meaning is found today in world's other than the mental life, and the fact that these worlds are unnameable in the mental world, which is considered to be the "only" reality makes us idiots, marginalized 21st c. pilgrims. so i don't have much to say except tv is going.

finished a little movie yesterday. if you see it above i manged to upload it. actually finished two, the second a little thing i have been working on for months. it will go to DVD today with a little luck.

must mention something i have been boring friends with, the movie U2 3D: The First Live-Action 3D Concert Movie, Featuring U2 -- National Geographic. a must see. it is a new technology that blows away anything you may have seen. filmed during one concert in south america, a startling good one, the 3d editing and light, shimmers and glows are perfect. the performance of all including the audience falls into the shamanistic, and the symbolism is right on. a peek into a world that is coming at us fast.

it seems to be showing now in NC. let's go. in asheville it is showing at the carmike 10, i guess w/out the IMAX screen.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


couldn't help myself: i spent half of yesterday doing image above. i did it to print but thought you might like to take a look. some new methods were used, can't quite remember them at the moment. going shopping for groceries and drugstore today if it kills me.

my new attention payed to "form" insists that i organize, reorganize, post-organize, then throw every thing away.

i'll do it tomorrow.

i have an inkling how i can resusscitate archives: involves using blogspot, rediection, renaming blog and a buunch of kludges. if it works which assumes that i actually take the time to jump thru the hoops, my site shoud remain with blog tucked away and pictures up front.

Friday, February 22, 2008

foto taken i think on drive from chapel hill home on monday. or maybe on sabbatical in bali when i was coordinating the dance of the fauna.
damnest spighetti tangle trying to retrieve archives. also prioritizing tasks. or maybe i should say doing them after prioritizing. so far i have spent three solid days - with a little time for a ride up the moutain - working on the first two which naturally involve sitting with computers doing this and that.

and tv has to go. three channels is 3 too many.

but i sure will miss NASCAR,

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

pleasant day today. all snug and ready for the sleet hail snow rain or breezes coming tomorrow night. got more pictures today on ride with richard.

what interests me at present is form formless dichotomy. i feel intuitive need to pay attention to form - why? i don't know but could make a couple of guesses. this would include painting, imagry, dress, manners, structure, practice.

ran into marginalized ex-biz exec and took his picture you see above.


back from month away from home, first time in a very long time. other than having to take a storm window off to crawl thru window, arrival was quiet, nothing changed. busy unpacking and pluging in hardware. i have that feeling you sometinmes get after a trip of clarity and intent. actually it's fading a bit.

i posted this in a "pseudoblog" until i can get blogger to publish my "real" archives you do of course recognize the quotes.

i have it sort of fixed almost maybe so i'll continue here.

trip was good, 4 weeks plus away from my bed. longest in longer than i can remember.

visited everyone from my aunt rosy who is 95 to my second cousin once removed - or something along those lines - 6 month old nickolas, new son of sister's son jon.

stayed with my dad most of the time in prescott - mountains - and saw snow, flash flood, and sunny skies.

read a few books which is something i've not been doing at home. i mean i actually sat down in a chair with the intention of reading instead of a few paragrphs on the run. finally finished Martin Buber's i and thou which i've been attempting for 20 years. pretty good. lends itself to the non-dual tradition very nicely with a few twists thrown in. also was very impressed with earthly possessions byAnne Tyler. (the title may not be entirely correct.) this is one of a few author's of today whose books keep being given to me and i have never read. great observations of the real world we live in, mundane in a fascinating way that communicates the non-spectacular non-branded world that is replacing our personal experience with flashing lights and lasers,

i spent the day reverting to old habits, an effort to get the blog section up and running. it's 1:30 AM and i am overdue in the sack. at leas i got a picture up.