Monday, April 30, 2007


picture of myself and jeff d. and some aville icon. taken during ray's visit. i wish i could relate some of the conversation we had, but it was not in a mode like powerpoint that lends itself to replication thank god. in many ways a throwback to what "rap" used to mean, no holds barred, collective improvisation, fun. it is a way of knowing and being known that is a healthy departure from the logoized brand name mode that has us surrounded today.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

ray kass, old friend strolling thru aville yesterday. more later.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


watercolor. i started it yesterday morning and finished it this morning. it was offhand and easy.

think i'll do another one.

beautiful weather yesterday but inner weather was dark for most of the day, metabolic excursion, couldn't get in in gear until late afternoon. hooked up with doug, ray, and jeff for pleasant evening of conversation not unlike those of ancient past. a reminder that we are here for some mysterious reason and the job is to become ourselves and maybe we are doing just that. when i got home a message from miss nancy who must be on the road or in greensboro.

like i have said from time to time, being chris is a hard job but someone has to do it. i'm it. more later, i have to listen to the birds right now.

Friday, April 27, 2007


natalie, my youngest grandchild, taken last week. she's magic.

big day today, doug is around, down from his yancey county hideaway, and ray kass, an old friend from collage zoo will be at the asheville art museum tonight delivering a talk on john cage and his watercolors.

i got up real early, been to the grocery store and back. putting finishing touchs on CD. more than that actually, i've decided to incorporate a little vocal surprise into each track. how long will it take? beats me. either minutes, days, or weeks.

finished an oil last night. a learning excercise it was, not very successful but it was fun. and frustrating.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


woke up this morning. so far so good. took blood glucose reading, adjusted, had a pizza slice for breakfast, ingested daily medication, lay down and woke up this morning - again - at 11:30.

it is a question of delayed bounce back. rest & recovery in slow motion. and everything else goes so fast.

picture above is early evening in chatham county. taken from eli and melissa'a yard.

i did a lot of driving - and riding - during this trip. the monkey mind provided a running commentary on the 2 lane back roads i covered, flashes of flashes, deju vue's, ancient events. all imaginary of course because the narritive of my younger years is hopelessly muddled, pieces of a past that exists only in the memory of some cosmic beast wondering in a trackless forest.

pretty sure it's a forest altho i am guessing. either that or a desert.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

this is a picture that did not make it into "day in the life of asheville" project. i wish it had but i totally screwed up the procedures for submitting and misunderstood the rules.

tuesday afternoon in aville. so i must be back. exhausting trip. son eli and family seem well and youngest grandchild natalie is a sweetie, really beautiful. daughter nicole has moved into what seems to be one of those developments that emulate the old idea of "town", a commons (?), walking etc. grandson corbin hit a home run. helped eli and his friend macon - who turns out to be the son of one macon richardson, now retired in india. visited doug and marsha for a lovely break, spent the night in butner nc with friend ninian and we drove to warren county to visit with d and ludie. wait a minute. what about visit with jim? it's all kind of blurry.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


i'm outa here. back next week.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


did this just for the hell of it this morning. got out early and dropped off goodwill stuff, then a big load of books for UU book sale.

the background hum of the noise machine led me into some questions the last couple of weeks. has to do with a suspicion that the evolutionary leads to an interest in the beginning and end. of everything.

how did the universe start? big bang.

is there an end? big bang.

or, like the description i saw last nite on tv repeating a classic maxim, "the universe has no center and no boundrys". extend this to the 4th dimension and you get time has no beginning and no end.

turtles all the way up and all the way down.

i had too much to dream last nite.

do you remembver the song? electric prunes i think.

i have no idea of who owns my domicile. or who i pay rent to. or why.

all will become clear in time, as my mind simultaneously fogs up.

today i get ready to leave in the morning. for 5 days or so.

the net is morphing so fast that my guiness book of hurled records stunt, to see how long i can resevere with old hardware, ancient os, and odd apps may be coming to an end.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Community Leaders Call For Hooker Odom's Ouster As Providers Move To Close Their Doors | BlueNC: "Community Leaders Call For Hooker Odom's Ouster As Providers Move To Close Their Doors"

it was a dark and stormy night... last night. tree fell on apt., i didn't hear it. spent some of the day reviwing rulues for "day in the life of asheville" photo essay. i simply got qrapped up in other things and had forgotten about it. so my photos may not meet entry requirements.

but they went anyway. away.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

offline most all of yesterday. server problem, dns lag, etc. got a little done, but i forget what they were, only that i had a lot of household tasks long delayed. at ms nancy's urging started a yahoo group for upcoming meet of old school harry's folks, hope it proves useful. realized late in day that this was the day designated to photo document life in asheville which i had more or less forgotten. so i took my camera to meet peggy at 4 to see the namesake. late to movie but enjoyed seeing it. since i've dropped out of the movie audience i have seen almost no movies for a number of years, so each time i do see one i am like a 4th world denizen, mezmorized by the color, light, shadows, sounds. this movie had it all and more. beautiful world created, story that was easy to follow even though narritive line was quirky, vast jumps, playful cuts, just the way i like it. i don't seem to get much from straight narritive anymore. left theatre around 6 on a very rainy day and shot a few street scenes, one of which might work for the photo project. i hope. recorded piano and guitar last nite. i have been listening to what i have recorded since xmas with the help of live pro 7 and decide to erase all files, none really make it, but recording and arrainging them was a deep learning experience so now i'll start on a new CD, halfway knowing the software. i kind of want to call it old & on the way. i think i posted notice of my landlady caroline's death, she died in hospice friday the 13th. i fully expect changes and hike in rent to follow, she had kept my rent low out of altruism a lot of folks had no idea she possessed. pretty much caught up on must-do stuff before trip to chapel hill which i expect to visit this coming wednesday for maybe a week.

Friday, April 13, 2007


this morning's texture. lost in the woods again, asking myself how one can be lost in the woods where there is no path. if there is a path you are not in the woods.

busy day ahead, i'll post something senseble later.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


found in the forest, like so many things.

or lost in the forest, like dante.

a gloomy, overcast day today. the way i like it. quiet. i actually got a lot done.

and decided for lack of the proper word that i will leave for chapel hill next wednesday. between now and then i am concentrating on getting healthy and organized and focused.

found ou today that eduardo nunez with a tilde died in argentenia of cardiac reasons. i did not know him well, but remember him well.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

i can't mess around with this easter flash animation any longer. [note: i did fix most of it this evening, code that was spilling out onto page is now gone. i'll put a stop to the loop tomorrow.]

spent the afternoon at the ER, took a book, read and napped between tests. turns out i had a ruptured vein close to the surface of ankle, hematoma? and i am on the mend.

so i will take care of some issues this week and get down to the triangle thursday or friday, maybe on to myrtle beach.

Saturday, April 7, 2007


piece of cardboard after spending a little time with me.

when was the last time you had a hoot?

Friday, April 6, 2007


ho-hum. day evaporates.

another day, another dollar.

as my friend mr. smith used to reply as i slipped out the door after a workday, "you mean you get a whole dollar?"

Thursday, April 5, 2007


back yard. last night. or twilight. things were very quiet.

too quiet.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

while he thought he was mulling this over, the lights went out and the starry sky rolled into position overhead. there were too many moons, so he left his perch on the park bench and wondered north in the night despite not registering the cracks in the sidewalk.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

went to see doc w/ what i thought was a spider bite, he seems to think it is some sort of trauma to the ankle, gravity pooling blood etc.

i had a flash last night and decided to unify this bloggerama, taking the direction my friend chall gray seems to be taking. (he is the youngest son of one of my oldest friends, sam gray, no longer with us on this train.)

just sentences. reading farewell my lovely (again? don't know yet) kind of reinforces this mode. so here goes:

glanced down at the road. mistake. it had vanished, followed by a row of red glowing dots snaking behind in the dark.

Monday, April 2, 2007

it's tuzday pm and i just had to do a fix on the image below. so i did.


watercolor i fooled endlessly with while marooned w/out a car. it didn't work so as is my habit i tried to rescue it. learned a few things. it will go in failure pile.

this morning i will visit richard and debbie to see if wireless works on their network. into town to buy pair of badly needed shoes. stop at insurance store to make sure truck coverage is what i need. order memory stick from amazon, thanks to oldest son eric's birthday gift. send mp3 i did to nephew jonathon for his birthday. finish cleaning up "studio". stop by hospice to visit carolyn. maybe make an appointment with doc for a very swollen ankle - bug bite i think. get ready to drive to chatham county.

Sunday, April 1, 2007


upgraded to new blogger, now have to do tricks to post. i guess a g3 running os 9 is going to have to be relegated to spare parts pile.

i'm posting this to see if work-around works around.
well it kind of works.

the above image is a piece of wood i found yesterday.

talked to miss nancy on fone yesterday, looking out back window, when much to my susprise new management walked past w/ 2 well dressed folks and into basement. new owners? buyers?

when i pay this months rent i'll rattle cage a little, find out what is happening. saw carolyn in hospice friday, she wants to go home.