Friday, January 14, 2005

well i'm not retreating. yet. had to squeeze this link in. there was a time i would have said you wouldn't believe anyone would think the way this writer sees the world. but it reveals one of the many points of view whizzing around the information deluge that inundates us all. crowds don't think, and the crowd is the future.

"'Apple Computer' is nothing more than a liberal-backed fifth column intended to subvert the American computer industry, and ultimately bankrupt good capitalist companies such as Microsoft and Intel. 'Apple' isn't the only front group run by the International Communist Conspiracy."

Think Secret's Nick dePlume Revealed


i'll be out of touch for the rest of the month. cooling my jets. reset. but i will have my megapixel wi-fi blackberry with me, so can access email.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

mmm...i seem to be losing the habit of daily posting. here's the short story:


my good and dear friend sam is in the hospital since last thursday. he is very ill, but i don't think they have a handle on the problem. they have eliminated tubucular meningitis, suspect some other form of meningitis, brain swelling of some sort, and a stroke. he has some movement in his right hand, but not much otherwise, and cannot speak much. his wife kathy and his children are taking excellent care of him. the last time i talked to him on the phone he was not himself. i told him he needed medical attention. he told me he needed a guru. prayers accepted.

richard and debbie flew to the ukraine tuesday for 3 years. they both have jobs there. they will be able to return here once a year or so. they have an apt in kiev. as the ukrainians say,"a surprise a day keeps you on your toes." good luck to them both. they will be missed.

i am keeping their digital spinit piano for them, full size weighted keys. i played the heck out of it one night last week, followed by the most painful night i've ever spent, wrist kept me up all night.

i put 2 and 2 together the next morning and figured i must have overworked right hand, aggravating tendonitus i have been ignoring for a couple of years.

so now i have a splint i gotta wear for a month.

had a great Baba meeting sunday afternoon. it stretched well into the evening.

i've been going thru my usual routine getting ready to go to arizona for my dad's birthday. ADD really comes into play in this exercise, i make list after list and wonder around the apartment wondering what i'm looking for.

my consciousness seems reduced to a small sphere - the world outside seems so far away and pointless. but i have faith that everything seems just like it is - thanks bob - and all will remain a mystery disguised as a world.

meanwhile working on a picture for my father's birthday, it'll be close.

Thursday, January 6, 2005


embroidered forest meta-diorama i did yesterday in a fit of ionized electrons. this worries me.

my diurnal rhythms are drifting, probably because of el nino. i used to know how to put a squiggly (~) on top of a character, but no more. now i'm the character.

heat spell remains unbroken in the SE. haven't used the heat in awhile.

thanks to an acquaintance who i hope becomes a friend i was directed to "" which turns out to be a pretty substantial jungian site. i direct your attention to "creativity and it's shadow" by robert johnson. it nails what it's like to be a creature creating.

meanwhile, maybe justice is just resting; bush may have "won", but check this out about windows, the biggest hoax foisted on the public since the shah of iran's 2,500 year anniversary:

Free Fall: Internet Explorer Has Now Lost 30% Of The Browser Market - Robin Good's Latest News: "The rapid loss of IE users is now a clear and definite trend that appears to be unstoppable: Internet Explorer is showing many bad wrinkles and a slippery short term memory. For a fast-growing number of experienced Internet users IE is already NOT anymore a browser option to consider.

Monday, January 3, 2005


i survived new year's eve. barely.

it has been so many years since i was awake when the year turned that i can't even remember when it was. but this year i was at richard and debbie's farewell party, babbling to people i didn't know, and some i did. nobody kissed me at the magic moment.

if i had anything to say about the coming year, i would, but i don't. except it feels very creepy.

i think we are living thru a cultural-linguistic change, and since we are inside it, we can't much see it.

maybe it's some sort of shift from the word to the icon. from logical framework to image. this shift is rampant: it is everywhere, from the way the "news" is presented, to presidential debates and campaigns, to just about everywhere in daily life. for example, suppose you meet somebody at a function and have a polite brief interchange. isn't it usually true that the persons stylistic statement communicates more than whatever words are exchanged?

philip roth thinks that the text-based novel has about 20 more years left before it drops out of the picture, so to speak.

words have become soliloquies establishing caste and brand. no dialogues in public please. bush is a brand name, it doesn't matter what he says. it doesn't matter that we don't really know what he is doing. like coca-cola.

in alexandria egypt around 300 - 50 bc there were many metaphors from many cultures swarming around. it created the synergy that defined the hellinistic era. which when i was in school was considered to be a low point after the classical age, when the Apollonian classical reverted to superstition, caricature, giantism, the spectacular. there were many modes of existence and mundane life.

today's situation seems to be similar, except that the existence of any mode besides the iconic brand name celebratory culture is unacceptable.

so your job and mine during the next year is to live in such a manner that alternate modes are accepted by folks without fear. the word can be included. silence also.

on another topic, i think it is time to deconstruct this blog. i'm going to redesign and rebuild it. put the pictures in specific galleries - watercolor, ink, photoshop, whatever.

put some flash movies up. so much potential there and i really haven't learned it yet.

some sort of text archive with the occasional posting.