Monday, August 31, 2009

i can't believe that i spent all day doing the above. i shot it yesterday, doing the panorama thing. today i wondered into all kind of byways processing it, eg the gimp on intel PC, things i still don't know much about. course i was on the phone talking to a lot of my extended family, dumping trash and other assorted tasks at the same time.

Future wireless electricity
"Imagine a future where you don’t have to plug anything in. It all just works."
MIT demo.
took a walk yesterday w/ al who was looking to get fotos of blueberrys. they are located at the pennical of craggy gardens which is closed on account of bears who apparently like blueberrys and floridians.

for me it was a long hard slog, probably the 5th time this summer i have had that much excercise.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

from thom hartman newsletter -

"Chris Broughton, who brought an assault rifle and a handgun to the Obama event in Phoenix last week, attended an anti-Obama sermon just a day before showing up. In the sermon Pastor Steven Anderson said he would "pray for Barack Obama to die and go to hell", Anderson confirmed this to TPMmuckraker yesterday. The sermon was called "Why I Hate Barack Obama" and had hate-filled anti-gay themes. This is much like the atmosphere the seized America in the late 50s and early 60s as Brown vs Board of Education was being implemented by forced integration by bussing African American school children into white neighborhoods and visa versa. The consequence was a serious of bombings, lynching, murders and assassinations that ripped the at the heart and soul of this nation. If the Republican crazies like Sarah Palin and Glen Beck don't stop this hate speech - they will have blood on their hands."

while we wait for the other shoes to drop. going to a 10 AM rally for health which rumer has it is sponsered somehow by a stealth medical-indusrtrial group.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i am going to pull the plug on the blog and concentrate on multi media. so labor day or is it momorial day seems like a nice date to shut it down. before then i may attempt to describe in words why i am so out of words concerning the cultural anti cocoon slithering towards some black hole.

Monday, August 24, 2009

a redo of the first and only panorama i've taken. learning curve not real steep, but don't expect to get it right away. addendum: the print is CMYK 300DPI 19.11 wide and 4.5 inches tall. what this means is that i could print say a 3 foot long version and lose no resolution, could even change a lot of things.

but i'm going to take a nap.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

new human in progress, jake son of my nephew and wife kindra. god bless. photo by dad probably soon after jake was born yesterday.

Guns at Political Events: A Chilling Effect on the First Amendment |

Guns at Political Events: A Chilling Effect on the First Amendment | "Neither the Secret Service nor police ushered the persons carrying guns away from the event, nor were any persons carrying firearms arrested. ('Armed Men Seen Outside Barack Obama Event,' Telegraph/UK [via Common Dreams], August 18, 2009)

Compare this restraint by the Secret Service and police to the following events.

In July 2008, a 61-year-old librarian was arrested at a McCain campaign event in Denver for carrying a sign that read, 'McCain=Bush.' ('Woman Arrested at McCain Event for ‘McCain=Bush' Sign,' AlterNet, July 7, 2008)"

The Week Magazine - News reviews and opinion, arts, entertainment & political cartoons

The Week Magazine - News reviews and opinion, arts, entertainment & political cartoons: "Hysterical talk from TV and radio hosts may be a cynical marketing exercise. But it's getting too dangerous to ignore."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Robert Reich calls for 'march on Washington' in support of public option - Fred Barbash -

Robert Reich calls for 'march on Washington' in support of public option - Fred Barbash - "Robert Reich, the former Labor secretary, scholar and commentator, called Tuesday for a “march on Washington” on Sept. 13 —“Grandparents Day” — in support of a health care bill that offers a public option."

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Technology News: Chips: DNA-Like Design Could Lead to Smaller, Faster Microchips

Technology News: Chips: DNA-Like Design Could Lead to Smaller, Faster Microchips: "Researchers at IBM and CalTech have taken a design cue from nature in their goal to build ever-smaller microprocessors. The scientists have developed a way to use the structure of synthetic DNA as a sort of scaffolding to allow self-replicating nanoparticles to form miniature circuit boards."

Monday, August 17, 2009

this could be the last time. hope to cap blog this week. i may still occasionally post but the main action will be if you scroll to the bottom you will see an icon that will let you set up rss feed which will let you know if i post anything.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Calling all crazies: Obama needs you - Roger Simon -

Calling all crazies: Obama needs you - Roger Simon - "The White House is losing the showmanship battle. The White House needs Obama as Daniel in the lions’ den. It needs the president to show spunk, spirit and resolve."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

summer 2009 moon bird. my friend jim took this w/ digital still camera won't go into tech discourse). i edited it.

hi tex is so engrossing. another world even more unreal than this one. anyway this plays ok on pc running chrome, not so good onmac os x running firefox.

what does it do on yr rig?

Gmail - The Thom Hartmann Program Newsletter Tuesday 11 August 2009 -

Gmail - The Thom Hartmann Program Newsletter Tuesday 11 August 2009 -

Google Chrome
i've been using chrome instead of firefox for about a week. so far i like it a lot. check it out.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

are the crazys taking over?
are there a lot of them?
more every day.
they have certainly twisted public discourse.

but i think the money machine has let these guys loose. and collapsed the two parties into its servents. this includes obama who should, along with the rest of us, stand up and state that this is the case.

some of yesterday's work. high tech low down, a little duct tape and spit.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Seasick Steve: Raw-Boned Blues : NPR:
"His repertoire of instruments famously includes his haunted 'Trance Wonder,' the Japanese 'Three-String Trance Wonder' and the 'Mississippi Drum Machine,' which consists of a small wooden box decorated by carpet and a license plate."

time out for a little old school.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

ok i am back to politix now. even tho i believe that the turmoil and chaos of the political world is not the locus of meaningful activity today but rather a problem that can only be solved by "boots on the ground".

so i put my boots back on.

personal anecdote: in the early 70's the last big anti-vietnam war march on washington took place. at the time i was working for a university. everyone i knew went, traveling by car pool or bus.

25 years later i argued w/ many older citizens that the march was not financed by any organization, but like the rest of the antiwar movement was improvised by the young who slept and traveled in a loose network, word of mouth etc.

today the same sort of citizens i was arguing with are framing the right wing town meeting disruptions as spontaneous and grass roots when it is obvious that big money is at work. these are folks who get their news from the tube.

do yourself a favor: write your congressman everyday to do the right thing concerning healthcare.

[later: boots on the ground an exceedingly misleasing phrase i should not have used. what i mean is grass-roots, bottoms up innermost turning of the heart, ie it is up to each of us to transform from the conditioned bind the culture insists is normal.}

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 | Progressive News and Commentary with an Attitude | Fight Ignorance: Read BuzzFlash: "President Obama and the Democrats who currently run Congress have been hoist on their own collective petard by their craven and gutless refusal to consider adopting a Canadian-style single-payer system to finance health care in the U.S., or simply to expand Medicare, which is a successful single-payer program, to cover everyone, instead of just people over 65 and the disabled.

Instead, because they are the recipients of hundreds of millions of dollars in legal (and probably plenty of illegal) bribes from the health care industry, they have cobbled together a 'reform' in name only, which preserves not just the central role of the vampire-like health insurance industry, but also ensures the continued rapacious profitability of the other segments of the medical-industrial complex -- the hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, and the specialist doctors."

found this image i don't remember doing while freeing up disk space. looks like sumi was involved.

another sleepless night last night. out of nowhere, for no reason that i can see. so today is lost as far as doing anything but the minimum.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i forget if i have already put this image up. i added text to indicate fellow sentient being.

started using google chrome for web browser on pc. still using firefox on mac.

it is too hot to go outside. higher ground called for.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


what else? leaves, snow.

reading an interesting book back to the truth: 5000 years of advaita by dennis waite. going to disassemble dobro. trying to stay away from computers for awhile. busy week ahead. hope to get up to celo area to camp before week is gone.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

picture from last week.

i am so tired of the institutional thugs, the criminal overworld, even if they do have nice ties. the whole damn bunch of them need to be isolated in some skid row, or better yet, a privatized meta-prison. all of them, every party, every expert, every self-absorbed ruler of the universe.

obama needs to lose his cool and call a spade a spade. he is spending too much time convincing the megaprofiteers that, after they have looted and pillaged and wrecked the world, that we the pipple will restore the former order so they can keep doing it.

it's all good.