Friday, November 30, 2007


this morning's quickie.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

t-shirt weather. masked campershell and applied truckbed cover spray. made a whole bunch of vegitables and fruit into juice. did the pic above.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

[i eliminated the video - don't like the way it slows down load time - dec.7]
stumbled across this video this morning. the godz were a lower east side band that played the durham civic auditorium in the 60's. the event was to introduce Meher Baba to the crowd, which was done at intermission by rick chapman fresh from india with marching orders from Baba. more than a few boos and hisses were heard. and looking at the video one can understand, the crowd wanted to rock. but it was the beginning of a very robust and still growing group of Baba-lovers.

the apparent contradiction between the avataric injunction and the sex drugs and rock and roll mode is perhaps the reason for the line in the video "god's rock and roll machine".

they left behind a reel-to-reel tape at my house which was 15 minutes of a very slowly rising sine wave as well as a strobe light which i ran during the light show.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


pic o' the day not bad. i like it.

today's topic: intelligent design

is not as dumb as we might think. or, to re-put it, is no dumber than than smart. based a lot on hawking's observations that the slightest difference in the big bang and the consequent minute changes in the physical universe would make the present, it's universe and us, impossiblet. but it does exist. therefore the universe as is is is designed for life to exist.

this assumes that the development of the universe could have gone in more different directions than we can know or even imagine. which i agree with.

but the fact that this path was taken out of all possible paths does not mean that it was taken so that we and the this universe exist. the opposite is more likely.

every since darwin there has been an uneasiness about the theory of evolution. not because it seems antagonistic towards religions, but because of some flaw in it's logic.

"evolution" etomologically means "change". no teleological terminus in the manifest world. we're here because we're here because...

if you drown in the ocean it does not tell you what the purpose of water is.

Monday, November 26, 2007


had my yearly checkup with eye doc this morning, very early this morning. seemed that way because i couldn't find an alarm clock last night so i relied on my own self which usually works for me but this morning it didn't and had to move fast in order to get there in time. anyway i got a gold star which is always good to see twinkle.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


ok i shut down that annoying "have a good turkey day" audio. but i hope you did have one.

today's pictogram is coming together and will be here soon.

went grocery shopping yesterday and got phone message on return. friend tom's bday so i beat it up the hill to participate. tom e. and e. were running late so r.,d., and myself took a ride up elk mountain, it's really wierd to drive high up and then see mansions and gated communities, all looking picture perfect and empty.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

foto of creature that lives in a yard 2 blocks from here.

yesterday i participated in black friday because of my patriotic bent. or maybe idiotic flair. i was aiming for sports store located in formidable emporium complex. gridlock on all enternce roads. poked along got to store. looking for replacements for sleeping bag and lantern. i got out without too much hassle, but have no idea of what i got. the sleeping bag cost a third of what old faithful did, and according to specs should be warmer. it seems to be much lighter but i wonder about how easy it might be to accidentally rip the fabric.

finally ordered paints. it took a month for me to see what i was out of.

working on a small movie, trying to figure out how to burn a dvd with all the trappings, menu, etc. it will take some time.

i'm going to check the news now, the first time in a long time. i've noticed that the tv ads are all pushing "events", which i guess were called "sales" back when the earth was cool. in the distant past i recall discussing w/ friend d. the changeover to "systems", ie an instrument to shave with was called a shaving system.

do you recall the phrase "land poor"? someone with a lot of land and no other resources like fat bank account. i think we are event-poor today. plenty of events, disneylands, sham news, sports extravaganzas, celeb gods, soap opera events, new guiness book or records records, news cycle blips etc. but perhaps very thin personal experience, i mean really personal and not the mock personal of style, fabricated identidy and dumbing down of the day to day.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

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if i wasn't so impulsive (and i'm not) i wouldn't put this greeting up. damges my "professional" image. but what is is and the code that surrounds the picture looks kind of... cool? sloppy?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


yet another cyber doodle.

now that the dreaded x season is here, i am wondering how to let it be. i don't want to hide under the bed. been there done that, it doesn't work.

the day after t-day i understand is the biggest shopping day of the year. doing my part will be fighting my way to frugal camping supply outlet and buying sleeping bag. my old faithful was stolen. i think i'll take my camera and document my trip.

i have been pulled into turkey day at the quaker meeting place which is a pleasant and unexpected surprise. now if i can just finish cooking the merianated and blackened baked alaska by the appointed hour everything will be what it is. if not, it will still be what it is.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


hey guess what?

today i'm going to kleen the house again. lost my keys.

nothing new. i can recall a time about 40 years ago when i lost another set for two weeks, and the entire time i was expected to show up in this very town for a visit to a friend in need. never made it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

worlds are dribbling away
while algorhythms scribble
and epiphanies are
bought and sold like giggles

Sunday, November 18, 2007

sun day. appt. w/ doc tomorrow. need prescription change bad. hope there is one.

reading ox x manual, radiant mind by fenner, finished postman always rings twice by cain this morning. i liked the 30's atmosphere of the latter altho so far don't think he surpasses jim thompson a bit. want for the first time in a long time to see a movie, no country for old men. i encourage anyone who is reading this to read the book first, it towers over most of todays lit IMHO.
No Country for Old Men : Review : Rolling Stone: "No Country doesn't have to preach or wave a flag - it carries in its bones the virus of what we've become."

since i already read it i'm ready to go.

had a wonderful day friday with r & d, just strolling thru the falling leaves, gentle breezes, the fearful symettry of earth and the hieroglyphics of stone, air, and woods.

almost forgot new flash twinkie i posted recently. form form everywhere but not a drop to drink.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Grace Marie Parsons born today. Angela, Eric and Grace all doing well.
five pounds plus, 18 inches tall, and trailing clouds of glory. c-se3ction after a day plus of of induced labor didn't work. my fourth grandchild. coincidentally just listened to del macoury singing wonder where the years of my life has gone."high on the mountain."

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

today's image doesn't look so healthy to me. genomes mixed with algorhythms. springtime in chernoble. after the bug's arrive.

friend t paid a visit, he has been in california. he will have to tell you about it, i can't.

i'm out of the door to grocery shop.

Monday, November 12, 2007

is thinking you are not thinking
any more impossible
(this is not the time to get into the question of whether something can be more or less impossible - or more or less possible - than something else)
than not thinking
you are not thinking?

Sunday, November 11, 2007


pretty mellow day. this afternoon's idiotgram seems to reflect this.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

i spent yesterday doing what i do, digging myself out of a hole i can't see. rounded up every frame and canvas in the house and had the added bonus of finding a few forgotten works. squaring away piles of stuff, now i have piles of piles. today kitchen and rumpus room and i'll be ready to hide under bed for the holidays.

richard and i went to see dave olney last night. dave is an old aquaintance from before the earth was cool. he played with a guy whose name i wish i could remember. just the two of them. some of the best music i have heard in aville. dave with rock solid rhythm guitar and beautiful vocal delivery, the guy on the telecaster complimenting him perfectly with impossible low moans, quiet feedback, transparant fluid lines of startling vertuosity. basic stripped down r&r and a hell of a lot of understated but clear passion.

and the songs: olney is indeed a master song writer, playing off the great american songbook with lyrics that seemed to beam themselves into the center of my head. seemless. all with a subtext of a lifetime on the planet, a wide awake observer of and participant in modern times, a member of the lost tribe of poets with roots going back to the now transfigured heavy duty era we were once lost in.

"if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger."

in our lifetimes it has done both.

Friday, November 9, 2007

i'm in a rut with RAW. here is third image from same file. what fun.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

still playing with RAW format. this image is from same file as the image below. whoopie.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

this post is a test. i guess i will have to put blogger out to pasture. i've way exceeded the number of posts allowed, cannot access or modify the archive index page, or posts since april 07. want to see if i can post which i can if you are reading this.

there is a little more to it: above image was taken as RAW file. the format is used for print but i fooled around with it and and got this 36k jpg yay also made it to doc appt without insulin pump will try again tomorrow and i wonder what would happen if you googled "wwIII" and i'm going outside to remove A/c cause it's way past time to button up the bunker.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

i am back. had a pleasant time visiting, altho as always it was a hurry up and wait situation. children and grandchildren doing great as far as i could tell, colliding with the world of one million things 9updated verbal description of maya; things have changed in the last few millenia,

my departure from aville was a classic, between rounding up stuff and stowing it in camper for first time and a slight swereve in medication which delayed and confused me, the one night i slept in camper i discovered, after dark, that i had forgotten sleeping bag and lantern. did without and spent a confortable night anyway. drive back, like drive down, was a new experience in 2001 dodge ram, great highway ride. when i got back after daer i realized sleeping bag rtc had not been forgotten but lifted from truck during the days here i was figuring out where to put things. no lock on camper which didn't seem very important. i only hope whoever got my stuff needs it and is using it, andwas not some kid acting out the outlaw.

so i decided to unload truck on arrival here and did so. couldn't find medicine and spent some time locating it. the last touch was to lose my keys so i went to bed and found then in the morning.

then yesterday my landlord pointed out that the camper door handle was covered by a plastic cover, under which was a ... keyhole. so it's off to the locksmith today, a few months late.

drove to outfitters discount w/ richard to replace missing stuff. we got totally turned around and did a grand tour of highway system, missed outfitters altho we must have passed right by it.

i mention all this as an example of the difficulty of keeping up with the world of "stuff". we are surounded, and can't circle the wagons because the wagons are what is surrounding us.

Monday, November 5, 2007

got back in town last nite. pleasant trip to visit children and grandchildren. at some point during sojourn, or maybe before, a lantern and sleeping bag and a day pack containing small cook stove and a bunch of batteries were lifted from the camper. of course with my scattered wits i figured i had left them home.