Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

this election process is driving me crazy. the absurdity of this national charade is over the top. and mccain inc. may win, steal, or otherwise become president. mainly because there are a lot of decent americans who will vote for him. why?

there is a type of advertising (i forget the name of the catagory) whose purpose is not to sell but to make you feel comfortable about already being sold. coca cola etc is a good example. the electorial information glut is serving a similar purpose. total fabrications daily that make the retrograde voting population feel good about it's cultural identity.

i have spent my whole life, and maybe you have too, living in this cultural war. i'm sick of it. and now the election loaded with corporate entertainment values.

but i will not quit the real battle for the real world.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

picture taken last sunday from behind the obama folks pushing forward to the 2 very long lines of palin people. at the time the auditorium and overflow auditorium were full and locked down.

i'm going to shut the blog down for a break in the next few days. i'm tired and grumpy and will be working for obama.

Monday, October 27, 2008

fwd to me by jeff in NM. don't know who did it, but they did good.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Daily Kos: State of the Nation:
"Governor Sarah Palin was prayed over by an Alaskan preacher to protect her from witches, but he ought to have thought of zombies as well. She's coming to Asheville, North Carolina tomorrow afternoon, and her visit coincides with our city's Annual Zombie Walk."

when i found out about the zombie part around noon i decided to show up and walked downtown to avoid traffic and was happy to observe i could walk for 5 hours because that's what i did. i don't think i got any images but i'll know tomorrow.

the above link is a pretty reasonable observation about the difference between street theatre and protest.

i spent some time mingling with the saraphiles spread out in lines blocks long even after the civic center was full and locked down, as well as the overflow venue featuring giant screen. i heard the words "weirdos" and "freaks' murmered many times, including from a roman catholic cleric of some sort connected with the basilica across the street from the civic center.

away from the crowd i overheard a couple wondering what "they" were trying to accomplish - and this was before the zombies showed up. i couldn't help myself from telling them that the aville kids were just having fun, not a confrontation, which is exactly what gordon in the above link was promoting.

ran into some of the blogger team i haven't seen for awhile. they are taking care of business. tomorrow i expect i can post a link to some pretty interesting photos from this group of smart and hardworking folks.

took some fall color pix by walking around the block yesterday. on is above.

but i am bothered greatly by the massive heist the financial giants and fading nation states have gotten away with. i don't care who is elected president if the megaoligarchic pillagers are not brought to justice. if obama wins and i sure hope he does, and the neo-vandals are not thrown in the slammer you can kiss the world you lived in as a child goodbye. hello dystopia.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

the daily daze
and the cloud of news
glide thru the maze
sucker punch the muse

Friday, October 24, 2008


"What defied credulity was the story's dateline: Asheville, North Carolina."

spent yesterday gliding and stumbling thru various graphic apps, paying bills and then richard rescued me and took a beautiful walk nearby. i made a mental note to do it again today with a camera, realizing i did not have to do parkway for color.

but it is a dreary rainy day today. change of plans: totally organize, pick up, shuffle, volunteer at obama HQ, finish video, put away a zillion back up disks i've been sorting for a week and most importantly lay down and read a book.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

noon thursday. i made the mistake early tis morning of letting windows update itself. after a couple of hours a dialog box popped up that said "acess denied" and it is still undoing what it took all morning to do, telling me that windows might not work anymore. you know what? it never did, it never does. a historical accident of time and place and the need for a standard operating system is the only reason this house of cards exists today. what does this say about neocapitalism? the best, the most productive, the simplest and most effective product is not what our present diety the Market gives us.

last night i had the pleasure of playing music spontaneously with two excellant musicians in a room full of instruments and electronics. unplanned. i haven't enjoyed myself so much in a long time. it reminded me of those far off times when a small circle of friends occaisionally dipped into this playfullness, only no skilled musicians. just handing instruments that we didn't know how to play around and... well playing.

so last night i played electric bass, never had one in my hands before, and i passed the audition so to speak, if i had known how they are tuned i don't know what would have been, but what a ludic limbic boost.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

nothing to say today. plenty to do.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

pic i took wherever i was the other day. i did my best towards a postcard of wnc.

nothing much more to say. i'm hiding out this week but may take a drive to graveyard fields of color.

well i'm back. looked at from one way i spent the whole summer rigging truck etc for a camping trip. and stayed two nights sleeping in the dark, cold, well worth it. i realized on this trip that the inside of the camper shell is not ready for prime time. definitely have to build some sturdy storage inside.

slept first night near waterfall, 6 or 8 long walks to set up. the mountain top was deserted. the next morning a few charlie and moriah showed up to take a break from caring for charlie's dad who is at home and in hospice. and i relocated to camper. spent the afternoon and evening wondering around, taking pictures and communing with the spirits. a beneficial timeout.

as happens, home looked and felt super when i got back.

i'll spend the day resetting. this week i think i'm going to stay home, letting various processes continue, and next week burst upon the social scene, reintroducing myself to the many folks here i haven't seen in a long time. and vote early. and winterize the house

Sunday, October 19, 2008

excellent camping, can't say enough about it. more pix coming.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

didn't quite make it out of the house today.but i am packed and ready to go. leaving early tomorrow for cousin moriah's and charlie's.

back sunday.

i saw most of the debate, probably over an hour. i thought mccain probably did himself more good than harm.

but it was like watching a punch and judy performance. an outdated, obsolete style of performance, akin to the old miss america contests. the format is ridiculous. by that i mean the stage, camera angles, lighting and graphics. i could not help but see both candidates with little earpieces like the talking heads wear, and at the bottom running flashing meters displaying realtime info a la nascar, and voice overs from the troika of commentators, perhaps speaking in low respectful tones as in a golf game.

a charade.

i will still vote early for obama. a no-brainer.

as an aside, i was fascinated by the quote "charactor is destiny". i may be wrong but i got the idea it was heard as a clever phrase made up on the spot. no referance to heraclitus who originated the idea close to 3000 years ago.

(hmmm... just discovered this is the title of a book by mccain. shows you how much i know.)

but obama could lose. we could lose if the election is stolen, or if iran is forced to defend itself by some form of surgical strike.

my insulin pump has ew meter in place and i am obligated by destiny to leave today for long delayed camping trip. i will be back in town by saturday, sunday at the latest. probably take me all day to wrap up a few dangling obligations and pack.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lewis Mumford Quotes
"One of the functions of intelligence is to take account of the dangers that come from trusting solely to the intelligence."
Lewis Mumford

this popped up on screen this morning. it was a link on gmail menu. don't know if coincidence - nah, no such thing - or they knew that i was going to post some mumford quotes this morning.

i am finishing pentagon of power, one of his last books which i think i read when i was young. i am convinced that this book and 3 others do more to describe what is happening in our lives today than all the pundits in the world. read the comments on links below. better yet, read the books.

they are:
The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-Events in America by boorstin. published i think in early 50's, this is the book from which ideas like psuedo-events, the graphic revolution, photo-ops, public relations, advertising and the manipulation of your thoughts were introduced.

the myth of the machine:
technics and human development
by mumford;
the long view of technical progress and coercive power.

the myth of the machine:
the pentagon of power
by mumford
thoughtful analysis of the culture of today and power, compared to the early egyption and mesopotamian empires.

the shock doctrine: the rise of disaster capitalism by naomi klein:
written 2 years ago, a text book analysis of heists like that just pulled by the oligarchy.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

there ought to be a law - probably there is.
Greg Palast
"BBC-TV: 'Set up to steal it again.'
Is 2008 already fixed?"

Monday, October 13, 2008

illustrator. learning it,

and a lot more. talk about a habit. every day another lorez cyberdoodle.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

last watercolor i painted. a month or so ago. had a bum day yesterday, glucose was high all day, finally got it down around 7 in the evening. discovered huge fauxpa in checking account which i am scrambling to fix today. did attack last room to simplify so living room is now full of art materials, paintings, cd-roms and dvds to sort. beautiful day out. that's where i need to be.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

not leaving for famous camping sojourn. yesterday the blood glucose meter connected to insulin pump stopped working. this meant a day trouble shooting, on the phone, buying batteries etc. conclusion this morning is that the pump company sends me an RMA and new meter which i'll get next week. in the meantime use backup which works fine after i replaced batteries. the signs are clear: when i go camping i want to have both meters up and running. a no brainer.

so richard tom and myself took a serendipitous walk. through a sweet neighborhood just south of here.

and i'm stuck here for awhile. i'm not panicing plenty to do here.over the weekend i guess i will follow the spirit guides and start on the back room where i paint and sleep. i'll feel like an archeologist.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

example of my latest preoccupation. wanted to see how it played on this page. i'll have to fool with it to eliminate bars on each side. later. click on video link right side to see them all.

watched the debates last night w/ a friend at merrimon st asheville brewing company. very easy not crowded (unless you were in line for a beer). i dozed thru it. format was like an infomercial for cookware. a charade.

winners and losers: mccain held his own. won't change anyone's mind.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


more - much more - on obama visit to aville. biggest thing to happen here in ages, reverberations still happening. bloggers covered it excellently.

Monday, October 6, 2008 - America's Economic Report - Daily

 "Congress should focus the bailout on refinancing the troubled mortgages as the Home Owners' Loan Corp. did in the 1930s, not on the troubled institutions holding the troubled instruments linked to the mortgages."

Mad Dog Palin : Rolling Stone

"Palin's crack about a mayor being 'like a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities' testified to the Republicans' apparent belief that they can win elections till the end of time running against the Sixties. (They're probably right.)"

mr obama was in town yesterday. still is. i had thought to go to rally yesterday but rethought it when i learned that folks had been arriving since 9pm the night before, waiting for the gates to open noon saturday.

so then i thought to go on my long delayed camping foray which i have been getting ready for since may. but remembered i was running out of a med i take daily so will have to take care of that today.

then my router took a wrong turn and knocked me off the net. trying to fix made it worse so i went to bed.

but as sen. obama said yesterday - while i could still access the net - "i will not give up".

so i am back up this morning but still have to get wireless talking to router.

{later} wireless is up and all is well. the lesson here for me is if i have to dig around hardware and software do it in the morning when i am a little more bright.

BTW features today a talk by naomi klein whose book the shock doctrine which i have almost finished is the clearest broadest description of the dysfunctional economic world we live in. if you haven't read the book the talk may not be totally clear but well worth an hour. the public sector, the commons, has been dwindling down to nowhere and the reason is what the book is about.

Friday, October 3, 2008

little of this and a little of that. a little less of this and a little less of that.

did this cyberdoodle in illustrator. haven't used it much since version 5 or maybe it was 7. it has come a long way.

watched a little of the debate. haven't yet got the buzz on who won lost blew it etc.

obama will be in town sunday. i'll probably be in celo or linville.

i've been remaking old animations and pieces of this and that into videos and up loading them. a couple more and i will try switch account to one with fewer restrictions - file size running time etc. you can view what i have up by clicking on video box right sidebar.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

maybe you don't know what these pictures - the one above for instance - are. i grab one in the morning and see what happens. like a morning walk or meditation it gets my day going.

going somewhere,

so now i can eat breakfast, finish a video snippet, take a shower and hit the road. lots of maintainance things to do in town today.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


obsessive. beautiful fall day i spent chasing various projects around the house. i yamwhatiyam.

as an inarticulate participant in "history" i am finding the $ meltdown a difficult thing to describe. the searching, tentative manner in which humans thought out loud sometime in the past , the ruminating, the silent mull, the personal discourse, all seems to have been buried under a tsunami of berserk images and instant cliche.

one puzzling aspect is the meme that it happened in one news cycle. but it didn't. it is merely the tail end of a 30 year process which of course is stage within a larger process. it is really implicit in the neo-cons' agenda. profit trumps nation state.

why should the obama folks think he must respond to each day's attack? because kerry didn't? because he taught constitutional law? right now he should use each sound byte to characterize the attack and then talk about this old tired republican talking point machine. how it works, why it works, and the new context in which it no longer works.

we hope.


there is more to the news then the news.