Thursday, February 26, 2009

dad doing amazingly well for an 80 year old and he is 90. bum leg looks like tendinitus exacerbated by edema.

i think i'll be leaving maybe next week. spent half a day trying to get 10 infusion sets for insulin pump which will give me some time. hope they arrive tomorrow.

stay tooned.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

picture above i took last week. used pc to make it what a thankless task but here i am w/ no mac or internet access. a challange.

still in prescott. dad is not boucing back like we would like. half hour doing almost anything puts him out. new problem is his left foot which hurts him quite a bit with use. we are going to try and see doctor tomorrow about this. otherwise he has doctor appts thru most days next week. i will begin to run out of supplies for pump soon so some action is required. i hope to go to phx, fly toalbequerque and spend a week or so w/ jeff in santa fe, back to phx, and on to raleigh, drive to aville. his current last doc appt is a week from this coming thirsday sofoloowing friday would hypothetically be the first time i could head for phx. currently he needs someone around, he should not be by himself.

today is Meher Baba's birthday.

tomorrow i may meet a tibetan monk who has been doing something or another at sangha about 20 miles away.

went w/ katie and dave yesterday fo dove release. tried to get them with picture or video, they are really fast.

and last but not least from an email from old friend:

" when Fascism comes to the United States, the
> public relations for it will be handled by Disney. Instead of a swastika,
> the symbol will be a smiley face. Instead of the sign over
> Auschwitz reading 'Arbeit macht frei', the sign would have read 'If you
> lived here, you'd be home now.' Instead of politically suspect persons
> wearing yellow stars, they would have been compelled to wear badges saying
> 'Have a nice day.'

Friday, February 20, 2009

wow. this is the longest time i have been able to access net since ive been at dad's. even got a picture up.

he continues to improve. saw cardio doc this week. he wants to pull pacemaker's atrial control because it isn't doing anything because synch between atrial and ventral has been lost because...

and a pain in left leg below the knee, not edema but new since hospital. maybe gout?

still unsure of any logistics on my part, will slowly aim east i guess, and visit NM on my way there.

now about "the economy": is it animal, vegetable, or mineral? "

Monday, February 16, 2009

monday. fred & jane drove up yesterday, back t6o phoenix today. starting to think aboutr heading back to aville. appt w/ cardio for dad thursday. still don't think he is up to living by himself but may be soon. checking into returning via santa fe. thinking of putting somr money into camper and camping out this summer.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

nothing new. dad doing great. fred & jane coming up tomorrow for 2 days. probably things will be decided. should start aiming for trip home at that point, maybe i hope via santa fe, maybe denver.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

just to illustrate that i'm still power doodling. this was done with gimp, a port from linux, running on windows so it was done w/out any knowledge, technique, maybe just a tad of curiosity.

dad continues to recover, his first trip out tonight to a mighty fine breakfast at denny's.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

tuesday. yesterday 13" snow out of the blue. dad steadily better, tomorrow should be end of "house arrest". we have to get plan going for future, i think what we have both been doing is taking it very slow. instinct and metabolism.

i'm typing this courtesy of katy next door. tomorrow after nurse's visit and an visit from some care taking outfit i'll go get some stuff printed up at library about CHF.

been painting some.

that's it signing off.

Monday, February 9, 2009

found hip nice place w/ wi-fi. the raven prescott az.snowing outside have to leave before freeze. dad better. much better. nurse will probably release him from bound to home this wed. working on part time domestic help and a panic button for him. missed calls on cell fone.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Howdy. Offline a long time and kind of out of any loops out there. This is the first time I have had time to post the story of the last few weeks so here goes:

erdaughter Nicole’s in Chatham county. Had a day or two there and was happy that Nicole, Eli and Melissa all seemed fine and grandchildren even finer.

Arrived phoenix 15th Jan. son Eric had arrived earlier with Angala and Grace. Dad came down from Prescott Friday and Saturday we celebrated his 90th birthday. Nobody overdid anything and Sunday we all dispersed, dad and I to Prescott.

Don’t remember all details but dad started a loud on and off wheeze and not feeling so hot. Tuesday evening he was worse and I took him to ER. Diagnosed as congestive heart failure triggered by some respertory infection. (everyone from phoenix get-together came down w/ something similar w/ a few exceptions, one of which was I.)

He is home now after 3 - 4 days in hospital, seems to get better each day. Lots of doctors, nurses, physical therapists. Home bound until next Wednesday by which time I imagine he will be ready to get outside. Presently a short walk in park nearby does it. Sister Jane came up this week and was a great help. I have changed my return flight to open so not sure of return date.

I think I’m online now without trip to town so will keep updating her every day.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

story so far. i am in prescott az visiting my father. he tuned 90 last week. he also spent 3-4 days in hospital for congestive heart failure. he is recovering well but of course it is slower than he would like.

so i have cancelled my return flight to raleigh while he heals and regains invigoration.

he has a nice house and would just as soon not leave it.

i may get to santa fe after all dust has settled. i'd really like to train from flagstaff to lamy but it leaves 5 in am, logistics not tpretty.

email or net hookup very sporadic. may have an answer to this we will see.

reading new earth by /answer coming/ which i am really enjoying.

it may shed light on a question that has been bothering me: if i...