Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Plastic: Burn, Denver, Burn — Rush Reaches Out To Rioters
"and riots in Denver, at the Democratic Convention will see to it we don't elect Democrats. And that's the best damn thing that can happen to this country, as far as I can think."
true statement. as far as he can think.

pretty day. above was a test - video. i must have done this one about ten years ago using infinity-d on mac system 8 (?). if it works expect bigger and better things to come.

or even if it doesn't.

[it appears to work. golly. but i guess it needs a poster frame.]

[the black square was not pleasant as it came up. so i removed it.]

Monday, April 28, 2008

yep it's old. i maybe did it on system 9.
quietly busy today, loved the weather, cool and overcast.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ken Nordine's Word Jazz Web Site and Podcast - "Wow of Now" Podcast
Ken Nordine's Word Jazz Web Site and Podcast - has found a new drug
tasty reminder from our old friend ken nordeen. shamen, our own william blake. shades of kenneth patchen and a marvel of circuitry in the basement, a distant drone...

another sleepless night. happening a lot just lately. only correlation with anything: taking antibiotics. pretty weird, huh?

plus while i wasn't sleeping got this:

"time set silence into bone." only there was another word after "time".

today i will find my billfold which i lost - here at home - yesterday.

------> found it.

did picture above from drawing c. '66. finally maybe figured out the dvd authoring video and burning miasma, ended up using ,rdf file amongst the processes and it seems to work. lot's of ides of how to use this interactive medium. but the rendering time, what a sink. i vaccuum, do dishes, learn the locrian pentatonic sale on keyboards, forget it, match frames and pictures.

reading auribindo. what a guy.

Friday, April 25, 2008

by some weird cyclic event last night i worked on a dozen projects i may never finish and was very surprised when i noticed it was early morning outside. the last time this happened i don't even remember. but it did.

anyway the above image i found with in a bunch of digital clutter this morning.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

one step too many is a dance. i posted the image above which appeared pretty quickly. and the way i should have been doing for awhile. anyway if you click on the image you will see the image full size. i'll fool with centering it some other time. there are so many of them ("other times" i mean).

China must stop cursing the Dalai Lama and talk: U.S.

a good idea.

maybe the usa could do the same with hamas, iran, and many others.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

politics. yes it is enough to drive us all nuts, and the remedy for it is not to be found in that domain. but anybody that votes for republican criminal cabal because of the messiness of the dems is worse than nuts. if they vote for mccain because they think lapel pins mean anything worth meaning even if they are made in china that is bad enough.

but because the dems haven't mastered the charade? much worse.

do you have a lapel? among the many that don't the manufactured brouhaha is from another planet.

Monday, April 21, 2008

good morning. spent a very quiet weekend too quite.

fpr the first time in a very long time my creative side is in the doldrums. can't summon up the interest to do anything in the once satisfying realm of puttering in the land of making "art". i am accepting this as a probably needed change and look foward to it going away. meanwhile this old blog limps along.

but moments continue during which i continue to streamline my existence by throwing gtuff overboard in my domacile. i am hungry for interior space both in the realm of household and my head.

what does this mean for blog? content is king, the king is dead, long live the king. when the fog blows away something new will be revealed.

a surprise for you and me,

Saturday, April 19, 2008

energy at an all time low. mine, not the world's.

words simply fail me. hope my feets don't.

Friday, April 18, 2008


too many words, too many numbers. 21st c. blues. i've noticed many of my peers remarking the proper names go first. anything capitalized. and then there is the thought that the indigo children, a touch of asperger's and raised with desktop computers, cellphone, etc. are the wave of the future because they can deal with it.

watched oprah's book lass lesson 7 - the new book by e. tolle - with some friends. i'm not as sure as some that this phenomenon signifies much except the hunger of the world's modern citizenry for meaning and sense. which is vast.

i am part of "day in the life of asheville", a project starting at 12 noon today and running thru midnight sat. picture taking. haven't come up with any plan for it.

watched a minute or two of debate on abc. that was enough. constricted, cliche ridden game show stuff. democracy has been hijacked by criminals. corporate entities trump justice. do you know who owns you? or what owns you?

myself i'm entranced by images. not bragging, nothing to brag about. just the facts ma'am, and the facts are image-inary. there might be one above.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

got back in the santa fe to be of the south yesterday. very glad i was talked out of leaving late the day before, it made for an easy, almost dreamy drive. as happens on getting back to one's own bed if you have one, i opened the door and the living module looked great.

i just scooted in on this trip the last of the time i can travel to myrtle beach and the triangle (where some of my children and grand children left. the temperature and tick situation make it nearly impossible for me to visit. sunday i found a small tick on my person, could not have been there long. removed it cleanly (meaning i extracted the whole critter including head). late yesterday when i got back it and about 5 other spots had deteriorated to open gaping wounds and like many other visits east and south out of the mountains, had to make doctors appointment on my return.

it is a curious thing and something the CDC is way out of line on. i misspent part of my youth in the woods every summer around the research triangle and other places, deep in the woods and ticks did not bother me. sounds kind of tacky, but i set a jar of water on the mantle where they would go when i got back from walking or whatever. these were the "dog ticks" so familiar to the area.

but that was in another country so to speak. since then two things have changed. migration of "foreign" ticks to area - deer ticks from the northeast, starri ticks from texas. the second change i suspect is my metabolic and immune system, due to being beat up on a daily basis by type I diabetes.

so doxycycline here i come.

returned with book i worked on years ago which has been printed in india. heavy hardback, 700 pages plus: the new life by bhau kalchuri. even though or maybe because i was working for - i think - close to a year or two using quark xpress to put the manuscript into publishable form i never read it. but i started it this morning and it's pretty good. a lot of work by a lot of people volunteering their efforts is evident and i especially liked the prose which flows naturally into a good read.

i'll post a photo of my trip above when after i hook up hardware etc.

Monday, April 14, 2008

about to head up the road. fooled around trying to get short quiktime up, but it will be later. really. meanwhile an image: i know a beach where it never ends.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

ok something useful. useless. how to post dvd video to... blogger... youtube...


strqaight uplinnk via blogger post:

Saturday, April 12, 2008

spring at the center.

back in chapel hill. visit to center was long overdue and a delight. i'll be here over weekend.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

well the post below w/ a video snippet obviously did not work. right now i'm sitting in a wi-fi coffee shop in myrtle beach so unless impulse grabs me i'm not going to try to fix it. when i get home i'll jump into it and a bunch of other technical clap-trap involving video, quicktime, flash, dvds etc.

maybe. maybe i'll take up duck carving for a change. oops i meant duck decoy carving.

when i arrived at the Baba Center and found my room, there was a copy of new life hardback on the bed signed by bhau. it knocked me out. what a beautiful surprise. it seems like a hundred years ago that i slogged thru a lot of heavy lifting typesetting a very fluid manuscript. it is a big book and the job of pilgrims bringing back copies from india is going to be rough. for those that don't know, shipping thru indian customs is apparently not very workable. [note: expense is the primary culprit i have since found out.]

other news: i think my dobro died. the tricone resonator has developed a nasty buzz. i thought i had it fixed a few weeks ago. but it's back.

could not ost this from coffee shop so posting now.

Monday, April 7, 2008

test video, uploaded on the road, don't know what it is or how it will play.

monday, not quite noon. another sleepy day. leaving soon for myrtle beach. made it to raleigh to see stone's movie with jim. concert footage, glad to see sax player - can't remember name - still standing. keith richards well on his way to becoming elderly english eccentric. jagger certainly skinny and probably should be in olympics, in really good physical shape. didn't see a lot of children and grandchildren this visit, will see what happens next weekend when i will be back. quick shower and on to center. i'm operating on wireless pc, sure is a house of cards, hopeful that i can get online a time or two over the next five days. if not, i'll be back.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

sunday morning. lost yesterday. layed down for short nap and slept thru grandson corbin and friend upstairs making hell of a racket. visited jim and didn't make it to doug and marcia's for unc final four game which i saw a good bit of with nicole.

today jim and i are going to see stones in 3d imax.

i feel better this morning than the last few days.

who is at the top of the power hierarchy?

who is at the bottom?

you me and everyone we know.

Friday, April 4, 2008

this week has been an exercise in patience.

and i flunked.

i recall being asked a few years back if i were starting blog anew whether i would still use the same domain name, "modern peasant". implicit was the feeling that it was sort of framing myself as a peasant with all of the negative attributes that characterization implies.

my answer was "yes i would".

i have to admit that very few got it. the name appealed to me because, with all of the hubris and arrogance built into the modern idea of how we live, the vast majority of the world's population retain some similarity to the "peasant" stereotype we carry with us.

professional. successful or not, educated, decisive, more knowledgeable than our ancestors etc perhaps, but we are and have been living under threat of of hidden violence if we step out of line. this was all illustrated on the macneil news pbs piece yesterday on the FAA organization. grown men testifying before congress how the world works in their corner. and to my mind not just the FAA but all organizations and institutes. of particular note was the story of one worker bee who described how his boss invaded his cubicle and, fondling the photos of his wife and family he was allowed in his workspace remarked what a shame it would be for him to lose his livelihood if he persisted in trying to do his job for real and not as highly formalized ritual charade.

today as the "system" unravels faster and faster the results of humans being forced to live as cogs is a little more visible.

we live under the domination of crooks, warlords, dictators and bandits. babylon after the mongolian hordes have plundered and retreated but whose presence is not far off. the present cabal in this country has pillaged and looted, not on horseback but in offices and mahogany board rooms. in a nation of law they would be arrested and tried. 10,000 ways they have exploited and robbed.

and this iron grid has descended world wide today. complete with the illusion that gee gaws and toys make it all ok, "the good life".

surrounded by the glossy panoply of greed and instant cliches.

i am really sick of it. there is nothing to do but stand up and and get "out" of line no matter what the consequence. firing squad? internment? fugitive life on the streets? ostracism? mental institution?

sure, why not. it is one thing to have an inkling that all is not right. it is another to collaborate with the overlords and hope we escape their attention.

ok thanks for allowing me to rant.

leaving town today for awhile.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


picture above another find in eternal spring cleaning. gum bichromate print. i did a series in this medium in early 80's.

from an email i got this morning from old friend m. that i can't resist sharing:

Q: What did you gain by complete and total enlightenment?
A: Nothing.

Cool! That is the Buddhist take on it. Still. . .still, I'm more sympathetic to the Taoist version of that question:

Q: What did you gain by complete and total enlightenment?
A: Huh?